Friday, February 27, 2009

New Pictures 2/27/2009

Puppies weighed this morning between 25.6 and 31 Oz. Gaining weight nicely. They came with us in the motorhome this weekend. New experiences and lots of visitors and admirors. As you will see in the photos Joan is already teaching one to speak and all of them to do the tunnel - got to keep an eye her as you can never guess what she will do next. You've probably already noticed one of the bad habits she has taught the boys.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2-23 Updates

The DreamShot Varmints are all doing well. As of this morning their weights range from 18.1 to 21.8 Oz, all with a positive weight gain each day. Yesterday was a bit traumatic - my friend and Vet, Gary Yavitz met me at his office on Sunday to be sure that we docked tails and did dew claws at exactly the right time. He pronounced all of the pups in good health.

Here are some pictures of the herd. Good thing they are all distinctive colors or I would have a great deal of difficulty telling them apart.
Cougar is also doing really well and is a great mom!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Red Merle Girl - Fifth Born

Red Boy - Fourth Born

Red Merle Girl - Third Born

Blue Merle Boy - Second Born

Black Boy - First Born

Proud Parents

New arrivals!

Joan Meyer, Mark Hodges and Lynn Morgan teamed up to deliver the first DreamShot Aussie puppies. Cougar and Viper teamed up to produce 5 big, healthy, robust puppies ranging in weight from 14.6 Oz to 17.4 Oz. The boys are black, red and blue merle. The girls are both red merles.