Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mark Hodges whelped the collaborative third breeding of Viper and Cougar on last Tuesday morning with the assistance of his wife Anne, son Charlie and his fiance Leslie as well as granddaughter Geneva. Everything went well and 5 very large, very robust pups joined the 12 previous pups from this repeat breeding. They all weighed in at over a pound and, once again, all 4 Aussie colors were represented by the  3 Females and 2 Males in the litter.

On Thursday Mark reported that  the"pups are uniformly physically strong and independently moving about well in the whelping box."  Mark's vet came to his house to remove tails an dew claws on Friday afternoon. All went well and he called the pups "some of the most robust he could recall." While he was there he gave Cougar an exam and pronounced her "fit as a fiddle."

Following are three pictures of this litter's future performance stars. 

Pile of Pups taken Saturday, 4/27/2012.
Pile of Pups taken on Friday just before Vet visit.

First litter picture taken Tuesday morning.

This is a link to a chart showing all of the details on the pups to date:

Here is Video of Viper and Stinger (my boy from the first litter) running a course at Purina Event Center last May.  Viper ran at 20" and Stinger at 24":

Here is some video taken of the first litter (2/19/1009) taken at 5-1/2 weeks old:

Lastly, here is a link to the litter pedigree. Note 18 Hall of Fame dogs on this one pedigree: