Monday, April 6, 2009

4/6 Update

The pups had a very busy weekend that lasted right through Monday. They were at Purina Farms Friday, Saturday and Sunday and had lots and lots of visitors from newborns to nearly deads and had a great time. It felt like we provided the petting zoo but the socialization was terrific.

On Sunday they got their second worming. Today they got their CERF exams and first puppy shots in preparation for going home. Their eyes all tested normal and the Vet pronounced them all in excellent health and they got to play with their Uncle Flint. They weighed between 7.3 pounds and 8.4 pounds - chubby, healthy and happy kids.

Thankfully they are now sleeping so that I have time to write this blog. They stay awake for long periods of time now and like to play and have lots of attention. Yesterday Joan taught them to sit so they have a new game to play for treats. A couple of them figured out that they should just stay seated and the treat machine would continue to deliver without any work - pretty clever. Bye for now, I have to work on posting the Video that Lynn shot last week.

Friday, April 3, 2009

End of March Updates

So much to report. Time has gotten away from me. I am posting pictures today from 3/29 and 3/30. The 3/29 shots are in the yard and just miscellaneous shots of each dog since I have been unable to pose them - they are way too busy. They are real dogs - walking, eating, drinking, running and, of course, pooping like real dogs.

Where to begin. They were 6 weeks old on Thursday and weigh between 6.5 and 7.25 pounds. They go out with the entire herd, Maverick, Jester, Dustin, Neil, Jody, Gracie and Amy. They go for long walks, tug and play like big dogs.

On Monday, I took them to Lawrence for some evaluation. First, Joan took them each for a walk and a little play time. Then, we went over to Ad Astra Farm courtesy of Grandpa Mark Hodges and put them each on a herd of 3 ducks. All of them showed very good to excellent herding instinct at 5-1/2 weeks old. Lynn Morgan joined us and took some video which I will attempt to post this evening. It was absolutely amazing and fascinating. Mark told me that he has seen many adult dogs back off an head for the other side of the arena and none of the kids showed fear.

We let them sleep a little while and then headed over the gym at Mark's school. He built a play area with mats of various sizes and shapes as well as tunnels. He also had various tug toys in there. Geneva, Mark's two legged granddaughter came to play with the pups as well. The pups made a Coppertone commercial by pulling her pants down. They were all over the place, up and over the A-Frames (triangular pads), climbed up the pads, jumped the gaps, untied the ropes, tugged against each other and just had a great time.

Joan kept them the next two days before bringing them back to my house and they went to Purina Farms today. She took them on walks and into her agility arena. They voluntarily went through tunnels and two of them went up a 5' 6" A-Frame - no fear.