Saturday, June 26, 2010


Happy Saturday everyone. The litter is now 12 days old. Joan helped me take pictures today and we got our first good look at the color of the puppies outside so I have some color updates for you. The puppies now weight between 28 and 34.2 Oz and have gained between 113% and 139%. I had lots of people over for a bar-b-que last evening and everyone handled the puppies for their first socialization with humans other than family. They did great and everyone had a good time with them.

This is the whole litter outside.

No 1 is a Blue Merle Tri Female.

No 2 is a Black Tri Male.

No 3 is a Blue Merle Bi Boy.

No 4 is a Red Tri Male.

No 5 is a Red Merle Tri Girl.

No 6 is Blue Merle Bi Male.

No7 is a Black Bi Boy.

It looks like they will have their eyes open in the next couple of days and I'm looking forward to that. In the mean time let me know if you have any questions.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

6-19 First Individual Pictures of Performance Litter

The puppies are now 5 days old and all 7 are doing just great. As of this morning they weighed between 17.8 and 21.9 Oz. They have gained between 39% and 46% since birth. Here are some individual pictures, a couple of pictures of Stinger and Charlie from the last litter and a collage of Viper from a recent trial. Just like the first litter we got all four possible color combinations and like the first litter all of the colors are very vibrant.

All of the pups went on their first short road trip to the Vet. My friend and Vet Gary Yavitz came in on his day off to check them out and do the necessary tail docking and dew claw removal at exactly the right time. Aaron, my daughter Michele's boyfriend came to take Cougar on a walk to allow Gary and I to do the work. Louise was in on a rare Wednesday and got her puppy fix! Gary indicated that they were all doing great. Joan will see them for the first time on Monday and I'm more than anxious for her evaluation.

This is the first born. She is a Blue Merle Female.

This Black Male was the second pup born.

Number 3 is a Blue Merle boy with a big white blaze and collar.

Number 4 is a Red Male. Like the others he looks like he is going to be a Bi.

Number 5 is a Red Merle Female. I think she is likely to be a Tri.

Number 6 is another Blue Merle Male.

A Black boy was the seventh and last one born.

This is Charlie, a Red Merle female from the first litter. She is 16 months old today.

This is Stinger. He was the first born in the last litter.


This is a collage of Viper at a recent trial.. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Early yesterday morning the second Viper/Cougar Litter was born. There were 7 healthy, robust troublemakers. There are 5 boys and 2 girls who weighed in between 12.2 Oz and 15.8 Oz. There are 2 Black boys, 2 Blue Merle boys and a Red boy. There is a Blue Merle girl and a Red Merle girl. All had 1/2 to full tails which will be docked tomorrow morning. Below are a couple of pictures of the litter.

As most of you know the first litter was 3 boys and 2 girls who are now almost 16 months old - all of whom are doing well and exhibiting every sign of becoming great performance dogs. All of them have started Agility and all of them have either begun herding or are planning to in the near future.

Over the next several days I'll take pictures of the pups individually and try to keep the posts up to date.