Saturday, June 30, 2012

All of the pups in their new homes tonight.

This morning, Caroline Gordon flew in from New Jersey to pick up the last pup from the 4/24/2012 Viper/Cougar litter. Below are pictures of all of the pups and their new owners.

First to go home was DreamShot Ghost Rider, call name Tracer. She belongs to Kathy and Dan Roeder of Barnhart, MO. Kathy is very involved in Gateway Search Dogs and Tracer's primary job will be Search and Rescue. She is planning on some agility to supplement her activity.

Next to go home was DreamShot Sundown, call name Sunny. She belongs to Jan and Alan Craig of Weatherford, TX. Jan raises and trains horses and is planning on training Sunny to herd and will dabble in agility as well. She hopes to add cattle to her farm. She has been waiting for one of these little pups for four years after meeting and spending time with one of Viper's brothers.

The as yet unnamed Blue Merle boy was picked up by Ron Giles. He will be Ron's companion while doing his day job and will work with his cattle and horses when Ron has time to train his horses to Pen.

Mark Hodges and Anne Owen are keeping Ad Astra DreamShot, call name Gracie. Gracie will help Mark with chores and Mark will train Gracie to herd ducks and sheep at Ad Astra Farm. In her spare time she will be Anne's therapy dog at her practice.

Last to go home, just this afternoon, was the Red Tri Male. Caroline Gordon of Dunellen, NJ flew in to St Louis to pick him up. He will be doing his foundation training and some agility with a very well know trainer very close to his home but Caroline's primary goal with him is herding. He will have the great pleasure of training at Diane Sobel-Meyer's Outback Farm with his Uncle Magnum, Aunt Jaz and niece Lark.

Thanks to all of the new owners for providing outstanding homes for these quality pups. Welcome to the extended family. I am very much looking forward to following their exploits and vicariously living through your reports.

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