Monday, May 21, 2012

Four weeks old tomorrow!

As of yesterday, the pups weighed between 4.6 and 5.1 pounds. Here is a link to the chart showing their stats since birth:

As part of their exposure to the real world the pups have all been introduced to the four legged members of the Hodges' household.  Scout is the Aussie old man of the family, Rory is the grandmother of the litter (Viper's mother), Hallie is Viper's sister/littermate, Beenie and Piglet are the family cats. Here are a couple of pictures Hallie with the Red and Blue Merle Males.


New visual, audio and tactile stimulation items are being introduced to their environment. Here is a picture of the Black Female exploring the tunnel.

Last Thursday the pups had their first outing to Ad Astra Farm and were the center of attention for Anne's Tennis group. Over the weekend there were lots of visitors including son-in-law Tim pictured here with the Black Female.

Here is what their box looks like now. They have one side to mostly explore and play in while sleeping the side with "pig rails." Yes, they are big enough to climb back and forth between the boxes now.

This is piglet observing a couple of the pups roaming the basement. Look at the Red Female's left rear leg marking. It is identical to Stinger back leg markings.

On Sunday evening the pups were given solid food for the first time. Now the fun will really begin.

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