Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Four Weeks Old

Yesterday the pups celebrated their 4 week birthday by visiting Mark H's grammar school.  This is an event that Mark has arranged for the previous Ad Astra litters as well. The gifted "older" students have been studying genetics and the entire breeding process for several months and were rewarded with a visit from the pups yesterday.

For the next hour and one half the pups were visited by several kindergarten classes that had been following Cougar's pregnancy, whelping and the growth of the pups. A total of 86 additional kids were allowed to interact with the pups. Mark reported that both the pups and kids handled it very well. What great socialization for the pups and exposure for the kids!

Here is a picture of the litter taken on Sunday.

Mark has agreed to take individual pictures of the pups later this week so that we can all get a close up look at each of them.

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